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Layers: 2--30layers
Max manufacturing size: 640mm*1100mm
Copper foil thickness:  0.5OZ-13OZ
Board thickness: Double sided: 0.2mm-6.0mm                             
4 layers: 0.4mm-8.0mm  6 layers: 0.8mm-8.0mm
8 layers: 1.0mm-8.0mm  10layers:1.2mm-8.0mm                   
12layers:1.5mm-8.0mm  14layers:1.5mm-8.0mm
16layers:1.6mm-8.0mm  18layers:2.2mm-8.0mm
Min line width/space:   3mil/3mil
Min finished holes size: 0.15mm
Aspect ratio: 12:1
Impedance control: +/-10%
Surface treatment: HASL;HASL with Pb free
Immersion Gold; Immersion Tin; Immersion Silver
Gold Finger; Flash Gold; OSP
Materials: FR4, Tg: 130℃/170℃,Rogers,Arlon,Taconic
Bergquist, Thermagon,
Special technique: blind&buried holes, via in pad,
Semi-plating holes, countersinked holes,
Step mounting holes, controlled depth holes
Edge-plating PCB and metal base PCB